Image consultation

Now that you’ve got the golden mindset, you are ready to create a stunning impact on how you show up to the world!

When you look right, you feel good. So appearance is super important. We all know that we haven’t got a second chance to make a first good impression. Here are the tools to create the power image that will empower you on your life journey.

Believing is seeing. And seeing is the seed to create the reality you desire.

They are no un-resourceful or dis-empowered people, just un -resourceful states of mind, that can be changed anytime.

We help you create those supportive positive meditative states that will enable you to create  the image that you want to attract. We use dream boards as well for those who need extra support to create this vision.

Once you grow your energy, people will be attracted to you like bees to honey. This is the most important key to success. We will guide you to reach the level of energy that makes you thrive.
Society dressing codes are everywhere and people will always judge you in a glance with your appearance.

When you are properly groomed , you will feel in your power shape. Our personal stylist and designers will be happy  to hand pick for you the cloths and colors that make you feel good. This is like you super power cape.

When you have the ability to articulate a clear and concise message, people will listen.

Learning how to sell persuasively and articulate your message in digestible sounds bytes is key. People will listen  and  have the ability to digest what you are saying.

Selling is the art of being congruently to convey your value in style to the other person. It’s a skill that the entrepreneur must master as well as knowing what is the deed and you get that through smart and sequenced questions.

Mastering your presentation and how you communicate is the most powerful driver to be perceived as a leader.

Our speaking coaches will help you master the language of success.

“Achieving clarity and confidence on camera can be the catalyst that leads to increase recognition, opportunities and success beyond your dreams.

Perception is reality ! How effectively you represent your business, product or yourself makes all the difference in the world. For business owners and many people,  it is very hard to keep it simple with our message ….Because we have so much to say and don’t always know where to start and what to say.

Keeping it simple does not happen over night. We cut out all the extra stuff and get to the gold of your story and message and pout that on camera.

Our program includes:

. Individual , focused coaching via Skype or in a person

. One day intensives in professional studio with strategic planning of visual media campaign

. On-set support during a shoot, live stage event or other media opportunity

. Creation of media platform : speaking points, rebuttal preparation, personal signature story implementation and digestible sound bytes

. May also include hosting skills and interview techniques Creation of a speaking plateform

“We know live at the story teller age and the one that masters the story is the one that we usually listen to. 

We will help you craft your signature – story to use and embed in any message that supports your cause or for any business presentation.

1. Which client success stories can you share that will have people see you as an
 who gets results?

2. If you’re new to the work you’re doing, what can you bring in from your past
that can give you a high level of positioning?

3. What can you be the “Creator of?” (Even if you don’t have ways to position
yourself as an expert using the first two tips, there IS something YOU can
be the “creator of.”)

Once you’ve figured out your best angle for positioning yourself, here’s an extra tip:
Make sure you always include humanity when you share your expertise

“Our personal shoppers can help you get what ever is missing in your life to save your precious time.

We got personal shoppers for :

. Clothing

. Home decoration

. Offices.