We have all the ressources to make your project happen.

When you combine Story telling, Visual production with Social sharing, your message to the world gets leverage and you make a deep dent in the universe.

As experts in photography, cinematography, web design, projects managers and so on, we are confortable to say that we will lead your project with style.

We offer a wide-range of affordable services in high end photography and video production.

We assist organizations, corporations and non profits in training or marketing spots, trade show media, promotional videos, commercials, and on line viral videos.

Whether you need to promote a product, launch a new service or communicate on your company’s brand and objectives, William Metivet Creative Image Agency will create stunning images and videos that will draw attention to your business or passion.

“Achieving clarity and confidence on camera can be the catalyst that leads to increase recognition, opportunities and success beyond your dreams.
Perception is reality ! How effectively you represent your business, product or yourself makes all the difference in the world. For business owners and many people, it is very hard to keep it simple with our message ….Because we have so much to say and don’t always know where to start and what to say.

Keeping it simple does not happen over night. We cut out all the extra stuff and get to the gold of your story and message and put that on camera.

Our program includes:

. Individual , focused coaching via Skype or in a person.

. One day intensives in professional studio with strategic planning of visual media campaign.

. On-set support during a shoot, live stage event or other media opportunity.

. Creation of media platform : speaking points, rebuttal preparation, personal signature story implementation and digestible sound bytes.

. May also include hosting skills and interview techniques Creation of a speaking platform.

Signature story captured on video is the most transformative experience to see who you truly are.

Master your story, grow and make the world a better place!

We give you the tools and mindset to build a powerful image that will brand you like a super hero.

Here are a few reasons why you will want to implement video branding in your life and business.

1. You get reconnected to your proudest and most exciting life moments.

2. We work in a fun way with music in a comfortable and relaxing ambiance.

3. You will build confidence, self esteem and charisma on camera.

4. You will learn how to pose, work on your physiology and look at/in the camera.

5. We let the magic happen and give you space to expand, unleash your personality and even go crazy;)

6. Video and photos are easy to share so you can reach thousands of people in one click through email marketing or social media.

7. We create Visual Branding Identity. This will transmit the very essence of your brand and show your service and products in the most appealing way.

Strong visibility dramatically increases your relationship with your customers or members.

It’s really cost effective.

William Metivet Creative Image Agency is not like any other agencies. Because we believe that your success is your ability to create and maintain amazing relationships, we focus on showing how amazing you are and what you are doing the world.

This highly transformative experience will help you position, package and promote your person, passion and business in the best way, everyday in every way.

You will feel like a Super Hero that has the power to change the world.

. For those who need stunning pictures to promote their brand, business or person.

. For those who want to learn how to become a master photographer

> If you were to work with a visual producer, what would you like to get out of this collaboration and how would you feel like with a new powerful image.