Influencing is a key trait for successful businesses and a successful sales force. It doesn't matter what you're selling. You need to convince people they need what you have to offer. You want to make an impact on them that shows them you're the business that's going to meet their needs.


The level of success your business has relies on the influencing skills of your professional team. If you're impacting the people you sell to, the customers and clients your business caters to, they'll keep coming back to your business. If your team is falling short, then they aren't influencing buyers, and your business is going to be impacted negatively, i.e., fewer sales and fewer return customers.

To make an impact and keep your team on the influential track, you need to know the best influencing skills available for business professionals. These are skills that help you win over customers and so much more.


man giving ice cream

There have been times when you went to your favorite store or restaurant, and subpar service made you not want to come back. Everyone has a negative experience when it comes to being treated as a customer. You know how that moment of dislike, even for one of your favorite establishments, made you question coming back? That's all part of the “likability” factor.

Your business is more than just whatever you're selling. Every person working under the umbrella of your company needs to be polite and friendly, if you want customers to be influenced and keep coming back to you for the products and services you offer.


man giving a thumbs up

Unsure how to make your business and your personnel “likable”? Think of it as reciprocating the feelings you expect to get from your customers. You want them to be thankful for the services they get from you, and you are thankful they come to you for those services.


giving out free sweets

The top businesses know that sometimes you need to give it away for free in order to influence customers to come your way.  By offering free samples of your products and services, you give potential customers a chance to see what you have to offer before they make a commitment. If they like what you show them, they are going to be more likely to stick with you for the long haul.


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However, you need to make sure you're not giving too much. A free webinar to show your skills before asking potential customers to sign up for the full course is one thing, but you also want to consider supply and demand. People want the things that are in demand, and the less of it that's available, the more they'll want it.


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Consider “limited time only” offers. A great tip for influencing people to work with you is to make them an offer they can't refuse, but to also put a time limit on how soon they need to accept that offer. This will help push clients to make decisions faster, under your influence. You are now in charge.


business website shown on laptop

Your customers want to know that your business is the authority on whatever it is you're supplying them with. Make sure they see your expertise. Have a website that shows them who works for you, what makes your employees and your business the right one for them. If your customer thinks they know more than you about your business, then you won’t be influencing them to do anything and they will likely find someone who knows more.


discount post

If you generally offer some sort of deal whenever you launch a new product or service, stick with that deal, especially for your steady customers. They will appreciate the consistency in your business practice and be influenced to keep working with you. If you've launched a new service that they're getting somewhere else, they'll be more likely to consider the change once they see what you're offering, through a free trial or a temporary discount.


people holding feedback bubble

Customers like to feel like that they are an important part of the businesses they work with. To give them that feeling, make sure you're asking for feedback. Then, take into account the feedback and suggestions you get and try to integrate changes where they are needed. Customers get a charge out of feeling like they have some influence on the businesses that they work with.


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Influencing new customers to come on board can sometimes be difficult for a business, especially for businesses with a lot of competition in a particular field. Consider starting off small, offer short-term commitments to new customers while you're allowed a chance to show them what your business can do.


advertising billboards

One of the biggest influencing impacts you can have on potential customers is getting your name where they'll see it and be forced to remember it. You can do this through advertising. Get on TV, get on the radio, get your Google ratings up so you're the first thing they see in the search results.


When you integrate these skills into your daily business ventures, you'll not only make your team more excited to do their work, but also you'll be attracting more customers because of it. Customers can see the hard work a business puts into winning them over, and they can tell when it's fake, too. Be genuine.

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