How to Become a Super Hero


How to activate your “non-conscious” mind to release “super powers”.

  • If you need support for YOUR HEALTH…
  • If you need to balance your EMOTIONS…
  • If you need to CONTROL YOUR MIND…

then customize what you learn to make your life extraordinary using the power of:

  • Appreciation
  • Gratitude
  • Passion
  • Higher Purpose

with cutting edge ninja tools such as:

  • Creative Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Tapping
  • Ancestral Emotion Cleansing
  • Etc…

When you look good, you feel good! …and you feel good, who knows what can happen!

  • Image consultation
  • Dressing and social codes
  • Hero clothe line design and apparel
  • Hero gadgets and tools
  • Find your voice
  • Personal branding
  • Build your style

The body mind is only one. Philosopher Descartes has separated mind and body, but today we know that:

  • An healthy body contributes to an healthy mind
  • Liberates endorphin to keep the mind from going on fire
  • Builds up your energy to feel unstoppable while it prevents depression and sickness
  • Compete with partners across the globe with app monitoring
  • Online / offline personal sports coach
  • Racing for a cause

Super Heroes are always on a mission ( or looking for one ). They set in a certain fashion S.M.A.R.T. goals to bring their mission to a success.

Learning how to accept reality, assessing the opportunity and building the road map via:

  • Masterminding
  • Coaches/ mentors relations
  • Accountability workshops
  • Gate way partners
  • Finding your niche
  • The conscious entrepreneur hero

As they go on mission and know that sometimes rules have to be broken, they need lots of support to stay on track and enroll people on their missions. Soul mates, raving fans and ambassadors are key to their success and a super hero must build up charisma and confidence to attract them and get their support.

  • Social genius
  • Public speaking
  • The hero gets the girl / The girl becomes cat woman! ( or dating for a cause )
  • Raving fan attraction
  • Building your team

This is the hero training playground where he can test his skills, see what he is worth and meet other wanna be heroes.

  • Cave man experience
  • Concept games ( the Game with Douglas)
  • Races
  • Treasure hunts
  • Survival experience
  • Enlighten warrior camps
  • Expeditions

Virtual and blended reality games roles are an amazing way to support a hero/champion or becoming one through an avatar that can generate capital to support worthy causes.

By Mixing the game industry concept where you can boost your game by buying stuff, trees, make network alliances with crowdfunding liberates the way to promote and support worthy causes that raises capital, energy and resources in a fun way.

  • Hunger games concept
  • Get off the monopoly rat race
  • Shark tank
  • Sim City or Eco-cabins tourism for kids
  • R.I.P trees, ocean, space
  • Second life
  • Drones “war” races to plant seeds
  • Buy a tree, forest, animal with stock divestment

Who do you need to become to leave a dent in the universe and a legacy that you can be proud for a 1000 years.

  • Signature photography
  • Charisma on camera
  • Red carpet interviews
  • Story telling mastery
  • Authority celebrity sites
  • Brand Building
  • Leadership mastery
  • Rolodex joint ventures/partnership
  • Green Fund raising mastery


A great idea for members would be for them to have the ability to have on-the-spot super heroic behavior, regardless of who they were introducing.

We can put super heroes in these different categories by asking them which kind of hero they are.


  1. Animal protection / Conservation heroes
  2. Environmental heroes: sustainability / recycling
  3. Humanitarian actions heroes: help and defense of poor, weak and hurt
    (natural catastrophe victims, search and rescue helpers, feeding homeless vets…)
  4. Random acts of kindness heroes (natural healers, philanthropists and altruists / givers ) > Mother Teresa
  5. Inspirational leaders heroes (speakers, public figures) > Les Brown
  6. Society designers heroes – making the society flow better (green builders / entrepreneurs like Ken)
  7. Discovery & adventure heroes (pushing boundaries)
  8. Visionary science & artist heroes (Leonardo Di Vinci)
  9. Liberty protection heroes (war heroes, lawyers, speakers) > Martin Luther King
  10. Education and pioneers heroes (missionaries & school builders)


  • Ghandi > the liberator and peace builder
  • Stephen > Inspiring people
  • The sustainable Hero > kid transform plastic or Japenese plastic into oil
  • Green hero: tree sitters and planters
  • School, teachers and kids > song and email HTE program
  • Entrepreneurs > Are the ones that are reshaping the world and creating leaders
  • Tibor Rubin (war hero)
  • Salgado (photographer)


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