Discovery Journey Program

Discovery Journey Program

The program is a highly transformative 7 step process.

We know by experience that some will take care of their mind and others of how they look. Others will shape their body, and some of take care of their home. But very few people do it all in a congruent way.

When all steps are followed and in alignement , transformation just happens has a natural process.


1. Mindset

Everything starts with your mindset

. what you believe in guides you. So what do you believe in ? what is your purpose ?

2. Building Your image

This is tricky because it unfolds several questions

Who am I ? But who am I is usually better answered by Who do I want to be or become ? Because we can’t see the mountain when we on it.

An alternative question to who I want to be, may also be by answering the questions:

How do I want to be seen ? By myself and others

What legacy do I want to leave ?

> This is the inner image you want to see and feel for yourself before projecting it to the world.

When you are clear on your inner image and the one you are projecting ( that should be the same ), you know how people will see you and how they will associate with this image.

Each image is linked to a energy vibration. Because we all think  in terms of image and symbols, When you know your image, you know the image you are seeding around.

3. Crystalizing your image

This is the embodiment of the image you created for yourself. how are you going to manage, run and entertain the vehicle image you created.

Your body is your image and how you show up is super important.

Being congruent in all aspect to build your body-image.

. Sports

. Nutrition

. Clothing style

4. Being grounded in your envelop shell

Your home is your mind body extension. Your image is projected in your home as your home influences your image and energy.

5. Being grounded in your actions

To what actions did you associate your image ?

What are you doing to make a difference ? Are you walking your talk ?

What are you fighting for ?

6. Are you an authority in your actions

Branding and marketing are key to see how serious you are in building your new image . Without a strong powerful branding back up by a strategic marketing plan and calendar, you efforts with remain very limited and local . Act locally and globally.

Becoming an authority online and offline is building leverage in a smart way.

7. Rinse and repeat

The growth cycle of life never ends. Each time you grow you meet a new plateau that is the start for a new journey.

This cycle has seasonality rhythms with springs, summers, falls and winters.

knowing where you are now in time, in your rhythm will help you stay in tune with your missions and life projects .



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