Art – Travel – Concept


1. Branding Super heroes and life explorers

2. Building super Hero Community

3. Connecting to super Hero Mission and projects

4. Enrolling like minded Sponsor companies and JV partners to support the community


Your brand Matters. The super hero spark.

What is the burning desire behind all this. Art and conceptual work ? better world ? recognition ?unleashing full potential? going all out ? Research on something inside of us magical and mysterious ? a travel mind adventure ? helping people feel great ? get people out of depression, fear and being lost? loving people is key.

Freedom of expression in all areas is what I seek

My brand spark is action , adventure and passion.

Best exemple is Leo Melendez . F18 jet fighter, speaker and latin Icon

1. I brand people into super heroes> From the stand to the brand

2. Connect them to like minded projects or projects that will build up their inner hero > Powerful Causes

3. Partner with sponsor- companies and JV in the human potential arena > Cause marketing and brand deve-awareness- recognition



I have been studying man kind , how he thinks, represents the world and thought to myself how can i serve in the best way surrounded by like minded people that are passionate. I believe in

. Environement

. Local and international projects

. Conceptual and artistic projects

. Sustainable growth

. Clean organic energy. The energy within us. How we create it, keep it , manage it


If the cost of travel could be reduced or be taken care of by companies whjo care and want to be active while developing their brand, how can we match people and companies together


Projects :

Zebu off shore bank

Water projects

Pens and paper

Hotel Soap and Shampoo

Cell Phones


Sponsors :

World greatest marketing seminar ( the Sponsor guy )

Ken Courtright network

Georges Anton Network

Find a Sponsor ( Website )


Social Media Campaign


Partners – customers that are distributors

. dating

. travel

. Adventure

. lux conciergerie


God’s mission for Branding Super Heroes is to prepare the future of mankind and transmit our knowledge.

I am interested in discovering where man is going when everything seems so crazy now.

BSH is a transformational platform which frees you from identity and social gravitation to rocket towards your highest star.

Exploration process in todays human evolution ( like science et avenir )

Blog magazine

Site de micro credit pour start up dédie aux investisseurs citoyens soucieux de l’evolution de la plante

Gigantesque bank d’idee et de projets en ligne.


. Waste and recycle

. Beauty and Cyborgs

. Petitions for animals

. Love and Fun

. Robots and technology

. Missions and heroes

. Politique, Influence and constitution

. Space and exploration



Get easy




Belief book for a new world

Medecine d’ailleurs ( rencontre avec ceux qui soignent autrement )

tribal bed with Air BnB

Air France reportage magazine

> Soin  des autres

> Identite et évolution

> Croyance et voyage

> projets puits et energies

> Investir dans l’homme et pour l’homme pour le gout du voyage et de l’altruisme

> Go after athletes and success people to know their mind set and have them share BSH as ambassadors




Hermann hart

Hey magazine

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