Image Coaching Programs templates

Image Coaching Programs templates

Image Consultant programs/ Discovery Journey Image

 I help people transform their image and capture their spirit on camera

> How to transform over night

1. Position your free consultation

2. Position your package

3. Position your system

Your program/package is your system 

I am offering a free consultation. I offer this to committed people only. So if you will commit ,  to give a start, please  fill up this application and add  a commitment scale on it. ( capture email , phone and the outcome they want to get )

Then ask them. If you get value at the end of the session, will you be willing to speak to 3 people about that.

> If become a client ( Don’t ask for referral. Yet. )

> If not ( ask for referrals )

Before the session

1. What result do you  want to get

2. When you get that result, will you be willing to let 3 people know about what I do?


The most important question of the session

1. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to …

. Finding your passion

. Your soul mate/relation

. Dream Job

. Home/ health/ quality of life

2. What is the cost of not handling this right now ?

. this must be down with curiosity and tact

3. What do you want instead ?

Knowing where they are now and where they want to be is crucial.

When you do a free consultation, you will discover the exact language to use when you are doing your packages.

The package is a commitment to 4 or more sessions

Ex: 10 sessions for $ 1000

packages should be between $ 1000 and $ 10ooo


10 free consultation per week and turn 3 into customers

1. The inner world

. From 1 to 10 how do you see you yourself attracting the girl of your dream

. If less than 10, what challenge or belief is getting in your way

. What are you going to do about it.

Believing and conceiving is achieving : If I could show you or help you get in the best mind set to attract the love person , relation or job, would you be willing to refer me to at least 3 people. Great ! so here is a free consultation .

. What is your belief about getting the person you love

. what are the words you say and how to say it

. What are your gremlins

2. What to wear

. What you wear is who you are . And what you wear si the energy signature of who you are.

Halloween example. If you believe that costume put us in a different mood and mind set, would you be willing to explore a new way of clothing.


Once the program has been done, ask

What do you need the most next or what are you looking for now ?

this question will open the client to share what he wants and to have with a customer driven feedback a set of new programs that they do want.


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