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Over the past few months, I’ve been confronted with more uncertainty than ever before.

I re-evaluated everything about my existence: where I wanted to live, how I wanted to show up in the world, and what direction I wanted to take professionally.

For a guy who just a few months ago felt like he had all these things figured out… it was a strange feeling, and a totally magical one.

(FYI: I’m now clear on these 3 questions … and my answers are SO MUCH more powerful than they’ve ever been. Watch out baby! ;))

While this level of uncertainty can be debilitating to some, it was actually one of the happiest and the most enlightening phases of my life.

The vastness of possibilities uplifted my soul, stretched my imagination, and filled my heart with childlike enthusiasm.

As the background of my phone reminded me every day, “When nothing is certain, everything is possible.”

Today I want to share with you how I believe you can deal with uncertainty more powerfully than ever.

Because, let’s be honest: if you want to do extraordinary things in the world, and lay on your deathbed thinking “wow, what an amazing ride that was!”…

… you’re bound to have to deal with uncertainty many times along the way.

Whether it’s a challenging project at work, rocky times with your romantic partner, or the unexpected twists and turns of life…

Uncertainty will come knocking in all shapes and forms during your lifetime.

And how you manage your emotional state through these periods will determine your destiny more than just about any factor.

Learn to draw strength from uncertainty and sky’s the limit.

Let it stress you out and you’re going to keep getting thrown off your game again and again… at the most critical times.

So how do we do it?

How do we stare uncertainty in the face with an excited and confident look in our eyes?

I believe it comes down to 3 things.


These are the 3 things you need to focus on every day to unlock the doors of real magic.

Let’s take a look at each.


First off, you have to develop the belief that everything’s going to work out perfectly… even if things look really bleak right now.

The biggest challenge here is, we’ve been evolutionary programmed to focus on the worst-case scenario.

While that was a good survival mechanism 10,000 years ago, nowadays it cramps our style in a big way.

So you have to train your mind to override this natural inclination towards pessimism, and start expecting great things no matter what.

The simplest way to do this is this:

Every morning upon waking and every night before bed…

Envision the outcome you want (rocking the work project, having an ideal relationship with your partner, etc) and see it as clearly as you can in your mind’s eye.

Then, focus on THE FEELING you’re going to get from that outcome.

Feel it deeply. Revel in it. Let it take you over.

The feeling part mission-critical (and is often overlooked in traditional visualization).

Why do we do this?

Because this process will effectively rewire your brain: it reinforce the neural pathways of optimism and make your brain more familiar with the desired outcome (feeling it engages a much greater part of your brain).

Familiarity breeds trust. Trust breeds confidence. Confidence breeds results.

Do this every day and soon your new default setting will be one of total optimism no matter how foggy the horizon of your life might currently look.

(If you’ve been into personal development for a while you’ve almost for sure read about this before… but are you actually doing it?)


This leads us to the 2nd challenge.

As we start to envision and feel the outcome we want… our ego will say: “Ok cool but HOW??? HOW IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN?”

That’s where learning to let go and trust the Universe comes in huge.

Imagine you’re going to the theater to watch an action movie. You know the good guys will probably win, right? But you still invest 2 hours of your life to see HOW it’s going to play out.

It’s the same thing in our lives.

After developing the certainty that we’re going to win, the fun part is to watch HOW it’s going to play out.

We have to be totally cool with no knowing HOW things are going to unfold. It’s not an easy thing to do. But it feels SO GOOD when we do.

As a former (perceived) control addict, I can tell you life is way better than we surrender to a higher power and stop pretending like we control everything. WE DON’T.

If you look back on your life path, you can see that there’s a divine intelligence that seems to be helping you along the way. You met the right people at the right time, you learned the right lessons right when you needed ‘em, etc.

Whatever you choose to believe in, I encourage you to trust that there’s a force out there that’s MUCH BIGGER than you and me.

And the good news? It’s got your back. It wants you to win.

Your job is just to get out of the way, stop trying to control everything, and let it work its magic.


Ok so now that we believe it’s all going to work out, and we’ve surrendered to the Universe and its magic, what’s left to do?



Everything always works out way better when we’re feeling good.

We have clearer thoughts. We’re more attractive to others.

Let me tell you a big secret:


In fact, it makes everything worse.

So focus on keeping the mojo.

Sing, dance, meditate, make love, hang out with friends, spend time in nature, play sports, go on adventures, etc.

Appreciate life. Make it special.

When you do, the path of least resistance will appear. And you’ll be able to pursue it with total confidence, composure and clarity.

That’s it.

As a summary, here are your 3 steps to handling massive uncertainty with ease and grace:

#1 Keep the image and feeling of the outcome you want.
#2 Trust that the Universe will help it unfold perfectly.
#3 Keep the good vibes going and have fun.

Do those 3 things consistently… and watch. I promise you’ll love what you see.

PS This might sound all simple, and it is. The real challenge is to be consistent with these practices. You have to do them EVERY DAY for it to really work. Remember, consistency trumps intensity!

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