What is your inspiring game?

Inspiring game ?

What is your inspiring game ?

300 times. Babies fall in average 300 times before they learn how to walk.

Just image if adults had the mindset of a baby. They would achieve anything. Right ?

Have you already heard of a baby that gives up trying to get up ?

Have you already heard about a parent looking at his child saying….Really he is not walker. He tried hard 20 times and can’t make it!

That just doesn’t happen because that is just something out of this world and out of any human conscious .

Now imagine, if a baby had the mindset of an adult ? Wouldn’t that be frightening ?

You have to accept that in order to grow you got to try again and again.

“In time of changes, learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will be beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

Eric Hoffen

Ask yourself . What is the one degree shift I can do today that will have a tremendous impact in 5 years from now.

I would say Raise people up now. Your conversation must be extraordinary.

And stop Complaining, because in complaining mode, you spiral down.

In fact , when you complain, the universe gives you more to complain about.

Some things like relativity help you stop complaining .

” I cried because I had no shoes, until I met man with no feet ”

When you raise a lot of people you are seen as a transformational leader.

How can you lead with generosity ?

Teach people how to fish, rather than giving them a fish.

You can do that for instance with Kiva.org that is a micro lending site to help people in need.

It’s easier to pull someone up than push them down.

You can help them by giving a little you have . By giving you will understand also your relation to giving.

Warren Buffet said. “Money is a magnifier. It makes you more of what you already are. “I believe that.

Money, time, knowledge or what ever you can give is a measuring stick for value. The more you have, the more value you can offer.

Money has 2 purposes.

. It allows you to get support

. It allows you to be generous

If you’ve got a big mission, you need big support.

Branding Super Heroes is committed to help people find and express their best self to be leaders in change.

What is your inspiring game ?

Here is an advice. Choose battles small enough to win and big enough to matter.


Why do you play the game to win ?


What you want for yourself

What you want for your customers

What you want for your community.


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