Photography programs

Photography programs

Photography Programs/ bootcamp


Here are a few question that will open you up ?

How many are you want to become a professional photographer

How many of you carry  their camera all the time and every where they go

How many of you use a canon, a Nikon, both , another brand

What do you do with your photography and where do you use it ?

Who is your preferred photographer ?

Would that be ok with you that I share where I come from ?

. International globetrotter and self taught photographer

. Speos and Georges Fevres

. Professional world/ passion


The art of becoming a ninja photographer to bring to the world things we usually do not see

We see people how we are.

1. Practicing Shooting

. shoot a lot

. Critique

. different lens distance with same image

2. Technical aspect

. All Speos courses

3. Bootcamp

. run and shoot

. 10 push ups and shoot

. Shooting really fast

4. The mindset of a photographer

5. Art and photography

. laws of the third

. Black and white

.  Mass and emptiness

. the role of color

. what should be in or out

. Balance and unbalance

5. The digital arena

. Computer

. Photoshot

. Pinterest/ Instagram




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