Powerful questions to ask yourself.


This discovery process  will help you a lot. Please take your time to answer them in a quiet space.

. What is your biggest challenge now?

. How can you overcome that? What are your ressources?

. Who do you know that can help you?

. Where are you stocked?

. Where are you having pain, physically or emotionally?

. What is it costing you in terms of time, ressources and energy?

. What would happen if you could liberate yourself from this pain or struggle ?

. What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t do anything about it?

. Imagine you could go in a time machine, into the future…and at the top of your success, you are having a fun and exciting live.

You are living your dream. What are you currently doing? Paint the picture with the most precision. If you have trouble seeing all the picture and only get parts,

that is ok. Just take the puzzle pieces and add new ones on a daily basis. Then build your puzzle as you wish.

. What does it look like for you to live your dream and how do you feel?

. When do you see that in a time line? In 1, 3, 5 years?

. Let’s reverse engineer the process. If for example, you see yourself at the top in a year. What are you doing in 6, 3 and month?

. Digging deeper. What are you doing this week and today?

. Do you have system in place to hold your vision and nurture it?

. What does your calendar look like?

. Do you have a sales and marketing calendar in place?

. Who are your models and why?

. Who do you need to attract to realize your dream?

. What needs to happen this year and today to make that happen?

. How committed are you to your success from 1 to 10?

. When do you want to change? Now? In the future?

. When and why? The more precise, the better.

. What’s still in the way?

. If that wasn’t in the way, what would you do or what wouldn’t you do anymore?


I hope this has been helpful . Thanks for posting a comment or sharing this powerful questions to anybody who wants to be free from mental blocks.



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