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Programs and Missions. Our Heart -Ventures !

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Branding Super Heroes mission is to connect you to incredible projects to transform and reveal the super hero within you.

Amazing projects and missions already exist, but are often unknown and scattered on the Internet. We aim to become, with your help, an organized project bank, where anybody will be able to connect to like minded projects, that have been approved for their serious and quality, and considered like a benefit to all.

As a creative agency, we also promote programs, projects and missions we conceive and that we believe to be fun, inspiring and sustainable.

In a word we are building programs we love and would love you to be a part of.

We share and eat the cake we bake !

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[accordian class=”” id=””][toggle title=”The Discovery Journey to Yourserlf” open=””]

The Discovery journey to yourself is a holistic integrated program designed to reconnect to your best .
It is a 3 month  program that will nurture your soul, shape up your body and boost your vitality .You will feel reconnected to nature, realigned and grounded to the 4 life pilers : Mind-body-image-home

This is a 4 steps program that will re-align your:

1. Mind

2. Image

3. Body

4. Home

The benefits provided are multiple. From awakening the awareness of a better you, waiting to become, to the breakthrough and transformation you will see. You will also hear and feel yourself in a totally new way.

This program is safe and gentle, yet powerful and highly trans-formative. I want to give you here the opportunity to reconnect to your dreams and your core values. This  will create the new supportive and empowering vision that will carry you all the way.

Because what you focus on expands, by allowing yourself to take some time just for you, you will reconnect to your true self and feel deeply nurtured.

Feeling inspired and motivated towards this shift will direct your spirit in the right direction and this is where the magic happens, because you discover you are in control of the image you project.
We all have a tendency to freeze in beliefs, thoughts, habits and behaviors as we grow older. The mind feels more comfortable with things that do not change and becomes less elastic. Yet how we behave does not always serve us well. We get in conflicts with others, our partners and …. ourselves. Would you stay in the same Halloween costume all life long ? our behaviors are costumes that we can change as well; and we can do so in a heartbeat !
 What happens if you peel off this or these behaviors ? What happens next?

The true question is if I am not my behavior, and if I am not my thoughts nor the emotions that I borrow from others, Who am I ?


The answer is just a conscious being, aware of living a spiritual journey in a human body.

Here is what we cover :
> Mind set | life coaching
> Sport and nutrition coaching
> Image re-looking  | re-branding
> Feng Shui design Coaching in your home | business
This is a deep and powerful experience that will transform your life for ever.
Please contact us for the next available programs. First come, first serve! For quality purposes we can only take 10 attendees per month as this is a 1 on 1 program, where you get 4 coaches just for you!


[/toggle][toggle title=”Brand Awareness Adventures” open=””]Promoting Your brand through cause marketing is probably one of best ways to create attention today.

We are experts in organizing visual production coverage anywhere on earth  with attendee-heroes.

This will :

. Support a deep cause.

. Nurture attendees-hero transformation process to grow to there highest version.

. Promote your brand in a unique and outstanding way

You will then be able to use the edited footage, for any brand awareness purpose.

Please contact to help you find and match heroes and powerful causes to support your brand.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Humanitarian Missions” open=”yes”]Participating in mission that serve the community and people in need is a powerful driver to find your life purpose. It is the experience that is certainly the most trans-formative and eye opening.

Please feel free to contact to put you in touch with humanitarian heart projects.

[/toggle][toggle title=”Search & Rescue” open=”yes”]Come and help victimes of natural disasters with by giving your time, energy or what ever you can to contribute to save the most people.[/toggle][toggle title=”Environmental Missions” open=””]Needless to say that our planet needs our help. Lots of projects already exist to support our animals, water, beaches, rivers and forest. This project is to unify all these projects so you can choose the one that you connect with the most. Mother nature, all species and yourself will benefit from this amazing experience  .[/toggle][toggle title=”Dating for a cause” open=””]Sick and tired of speed dating that has no true meaning . Find a soul mate that has the same passion to serve a deep cause where you can connect to in the same space…and perhaps start a new adventure together. This is a guarantee to find at least a true friend in life.[/toggle][toggle title=”Life explorer races” open=””]You love helping others,  as much as you love sports and challenges. This is your way of expressing yourself and showing you care.  We got you covered! We partnered with the most exciting race organization. Get excited !!!   .[/toggle][toggle title=”Find a Treasure ” open=””]Want to go on a growth journey ? but you want to make this as a real hero quest….with the treasure map, the golden compass and the X that will indicate where to dig and find the gold ![/toggle][/accordian]


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