Heart Ventures

 You’ve now got your power image! Use it and Challenge yourself to play a bigger game.  The world is our playground.  Come and join us !

Ask yourself . What can you do for your community that serves and makes you grow in the process.

You now have the opportunity to be the face and voice behind the heart venture that resonates with you .








[toggle title=”OUR ROLE”]“We are here as a guide and a ressource to draw your attention on The thousands of awesome projects on the internet and the ones we create for you. We want to make sure that you get in touch with the Heart ventures that is the best fit for you and that will make you reveal the Super Hero you already are.

Think with the end in mind and with the visualization technics you now are aware of, you can foresee the heart Venture that can be the most congruent with your up coming brand.

We can help you with :

. Ideas & Projects Bank

. Guide & Ressource

. Concept & realization

. Organization & management

[/toggle] [toggle title=”FINDING YOUR NICHE” open=”yes”]Here is one big secret to find your niche. Find where you heart sings the most and do that for 3 month without doing anything else. Usually your niche is your passion and your passion could be the wound or struggle you have healed or transformed that you would like to share with the world.

Who do you want to be surrounded with ? Who do you want to work with on a regular basis? What would YOU do for free and still do it because you are so passionate about it ?

[/toggle] [toggle title=”THE CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEUR”]We believe in a new man kind. One that understands that competition is good, but cooperation is better. Because This is our new brain software update.

Who is the conscious entrepreneur ? This is you who wants to make a difference with what you are passionate about. It’s about being a mover and shaker in today’s establishment to improve and change consciously what needs to get done.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”PROJECTS AND MISSIONS”] We are the source founder of for talents and projects that matter. The ones that have a powerful driver to serve and help the community.


[toggle title=”BRAND AWARENESS “]. People buy a product once, but they buy a brand for life.

Our purpose is to build special relationships between brands and consumers.

We don’t impose a personality on a brand, instead we uncover it’s essence, it’s truth.

So let’s make your dollar count and contact us today to get a free brand assessment, we will put you on the fast track for success.


[toggle title=”TEAM COHESION”] Building a team is critical. 2 aspects are necessary to steer the sales.

. When you are able to paint a vision, you attract people in your team.

. You can’t scale it without a team

This is a great opportunity to unite  your staff members, in a fun way,  by bringing them together to meaningful Heart Venture .



[toggle title=”MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE”]” We are creating a community of Super Heroes that will inspire people to go :

. From Fear to Faith

. From individualism to serving the community and unify.

. From playing small to reaching the stars.


We are the hub of the major inspiring projects and the concierge of the best transformational programs in human potential.



[toggle title=”SUSTAINABLE IS PROFITABLE”]” As the leader of concepts that will inspire creativity, we want to make sure that all projects are sustainable. Meaning fun, smart and useful backed with a strong business plan. [/toggle] [/accordian]

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