The Golden Mindset.

What is exactly the golden mindset that we hear so often about ?

Well, the golden mindset is in a certain way to Love Your life exactly where you are now and have gratitude for it. Call it the gratitude attitude !

So when and where it is the best time to make a change? Right Here and Now!

it is never to late to start  being positive, taking control of yourself and making a revolutionary change that deeply impacts others !

Albert Einstein : “Curiosity, determination and perseverance “  leads to success and accomplishment. Meaning that step by step we can all achieve the impossible. In fact nothing is too big.

Be a big Dreamer. Dream your life and follow your Dreams !

What prevents us from succeeding, is that we dream to small. We lost our connection to the kid inside of us . This kid is our true self, our king, our god, We got to reconnect and nurture him .I share that with you because true happiness comes from this place that we call the heart.

How we do anything, is how we do everything !

The relation we entertain with people, events, job offers, opportunities and challenges is based on our emotions. We bring our emotions and feeling to all our actions . Every time we are faced with something new , our emotions kick in and are attach to every opportunity that comes to us

If these emotions are not empowering, we will feel drained.The most negative ones are:

. Shame

. Sadness

. Fear

. Anger

So be careful to what you are tied to. The emotions are stuck energy inside of us . A good way to free yourself from these emotions is understanding that …

…Emotions are Energy in Motion . that’s right !

Since everything is energy, and energy flows everywhere, we all the faculty to connect and keep the energy that serves us best. it’s all a question of timing when you decide to let go of a story and the emotions and energy linked to it that do not serve you any more.

How do you you do that ?

Well energy comes with the emotions you experienced during a story you lived. It doesn’t matter if that story is true or a virtual one . What counts is the impression it left upon you .

In order to liberate yourself from such feelings , one needs to get in touch with the story and have a look at the event with another angle and  positive out come.

Every problem has a solution

Every task can be broken in small pieces. If it is still too hard, brake it again in smaller pieces to the point that it is easy for you.

Every challenge has a gift inside to make us grow to the level of it’s difficulty. Don’t we say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Be bigger than your problem. The Bigger you are , the smaller the problem…and small problems re easily solved.

Every time you have a problem, say : Thank you Universe for sharing and giving me the opportunity to overcome a new challenge ! I can’t wait to solve that.

Be a problem solver and a solution finder

You are the master of your life. Don’t let negative emotions rules your life.

Why? Because they are draining and don’t belong to you. Stop now holding on to them life if you had a title of ownership. These energy feelings are just in the air. When you connect to them and hang on, you drag them from one relation to the other. You end up splitting up and burned out .

Being aware of the pattern of emotions that where ruling your life is great way to avoid loosing time and energy by reproducing the  same mistakes in your next relationship.

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