Top Mistakes People Make in Marketing Their Seminars and Workshops

I’ve been attending live workshops, seminars, and retreats
since 2006… and made a ton of mistakes!

The biggest mistake I made was NOT getting professional
guidance or coaching along the way.

That’s why I encourage you to learn how to do it right!

Live events can be extremely lucrative for the reasons of
positioning, influence, and income. And now you can avoid
many of the mistakes I made by learning from the best!

And now…

Top 24 Mistakes People Make in Marketing Their Seminars,
Workshops and Other Live Events (I made them ALL!)

1. Marketing your event without a mailing list or JV

2. Not having a well-defined target audience or topic
for the event.

3. Not creating excitement and emotion around your event.

4. Not investing in great copy for your event website.

5. Not realizing that a live event is different than a
virtual event, takes longer for people to say YES.

6. Not using a multi-channel marketing approach.

7. Not asking potential attendees about their biggest
problems before creating the event.

8. Not videotaping the events, repurposing it later.

9. Not leveraging the power of telephone to sell tickets.

10. Relying heavily on speakers to promote the event.

Magnetize, Mesmerize, and Monetize Your
Audience and Create Sold Out Live Events!

11. Not integrating video elements into the sales process.

12. Expecting to fill the room after the first
announcement or the first teleseminar.

13. Not clearly differentiating your event from other
similar events in the industry.

14. Leaving too little time for promotion.

15. Not having an accountability system in place to
monitor your event’s viability.

16. Not offering a VIP option.

17. Holding your event in an inconvenient access

18. Not having another income stream in place, while
marketing your event.

19. Not promoting your next event right at the event.

20. Not offering a phone number to register.

21. Stopping your promotion too early before the event.

22. Not training your people in the back of the room.

23. Using too many volunteers, chaos!

24. Not realizing that promotion is more important than

There you have it… 24 lessons I learned the hard way.

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