The ability to expand your reach into the marketplace without increasing your marketing budget is a top goal for many businesses owners. Essentially, you will enjoy a significantly larger return on investment if you can find a way to accomplish this goal. While this may seem like a pipe dream to some business professionals, the reality is that viral marketing tips may provide you with the cost-effective results that you desire.

After learning what viral marketing is and how you can help your content to go viral, your business may benefit substantially.

What Is Viral Marketing?

A virus typically replicates and spreads inside the human host as well as to others in a rather fast period of time. Viral marketing is appropriately named because it is marketing that is quickly and widely shared by consumers in this same fashion.

The beauty of viral marketing is that you will pay for this marketing to reach only a specified number of users, but this marketing type is so effective that it passes to audiences around the globe in a matter of hours without costing the company a penny more.

Who Uses Viral Marketing Campaigns?

Some companies have a very narrow market or target audience, and viral marketing is not usually ideal for these business models. On the other hand, if you have a broad or far-reaching business model and if your current marketing reach is limited only by your available marketing budget, you may benefit from a viral marketing campaign.

For example, a startup food and beverage business may have products that appeal to the masses, but it may only be a local company right now that reaches to an immediate audience. Through a viral marketing campaign, demand for the products can reach astronomical proportions in a very short period of time.

If you plan to use a viral marketing company, it is important that you have the necessary infrastructure to support the potential increased demand that your strategy may create.

7 Viral Marketing Tips for Maximum Reach

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The concept of viral marketing is appealing to many businesses. You understandably want others to share and promote your content voluntarily, without you paying for it. How can you make this happen? These are some excellent tips for strategic viral marketing success.

#1. Create Timely Content

This tip is most relevant to your use of social media platforms. Many people will share tweets and posts related to current events, especially if you want your target audience to be younger. If your business can somehow offer useful or relevant tips, advice or comments about a current event, you may be able to enjoy greater exposure in the marketplace as a result.

#2. Make a Video

People love to share images, but videos are even more contagious. A video may be funny, helpful, inspirational or unique in some other way. It should be something that your target audience would see and think that others would benefit from seeing. Use a popular platform, such as YouTube, to encourage easier and faster sharing of your video.

#3. Get a Celebrity on Board

If you want to create a real buzz in the world, you can try to attract the attention of a celebrity. Many celebrities feel passionate about social causes, political issues and more. If you can get one of them to comment about on your company’s behalf, you may enjoy great results from a viral marketing campaign.

While it is best if the celebrity makes a positive statement on your behalf, note that a negative comment can sometimes have positive long-term effects for a business. Still, this is a tricky and risky thing, so be careful how you decide to use it.

#4. Be Funny

Humorous pictures, comments, videos, and tidbits are easily and frequently spread to others through social media. People love to spread cheer to friends and family. This means that if your content made them laugh, they would likely pass your message along to others in their social media contacts list.

It only takes a few seconds to share something with others through social media platforms, so you could potential reach thousands or more in a matter of minutes through the right humorous content.

#5. Organize a Contest

Contests are another great idea for a viral marketing campaign. People love competing against others for top honors or cash and prizes. Something as simple as a photography or essay contest can be a great promotion technique. You can also have sweepstakes that will encourage followers to subscribe. And the only entrance requirements are for the individuals to share your post with others in their contacts list.

#6. Be Unique

Through your own experiences on Facebook and other platforms, you may have realized years ago that you keep reading the same general posts over and over again. Stale content has much less relevance, and you need to have fresh, unique content if you want the best results. Unique content is more likely to attract your audience’s attention. Furthermore, they are more likely to pass it along if they think it is truly interesting.

#7. Be Helpful

Some content is bold and shocking, and other posts are plain funny. While these are some of the ways to conduct a viral marketing campaign, another option is to be helpful. For example, creating a top five list of the ways your product could be used around the house could be helpful if each of the ways is unique or innovative. Tips related to saving money, enjoying life more and others are also popular in the social media arena today.

Summing It Up

It is difficult to gauge which items will go viral and which items will not. While you can do your best to execute a great campaign that generates a buzz in the world, the reality is that the timing of when your marketing hits, the other news stories that are hitting at that same time and many other factors also play a role in this.

If you are preparing to launch a viral marketing campaign, take the necessary time to thoroughly plan and implement the campaign. In addition, ensure that your company can handle a potentially massive response.

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