Winners by design !


600 millions


we won other 600 million competitors to be here.

So we are winners by design!


You are a winner.

You are a winner,

you are a winner

An you are a winner.

We are all winners !

nobody swam that fast to have an average life, to be mediocre and just to get by.

We are here to thrive and have a fun, loving and exciting life!

We are special….and so is that worm that made it here and that is crossing the road.

You could have been that worm…crossing the road and hoping to make it safe to the other side, where the grass is greener.

Be that saver for the worm and every form of life.

Because how we do anything is how you do everything

If you urine in this pool here, you will poop anywhere 🙂 ( got the point ? )

We can’t be one way with certain species and another way with others.

we can’t be puzzled, fragmented and scattered and build back the pieces of our life over and over and over.


So this is the golden rule ( to really enjoy life )

Do to others what you want for yourself.

Even if you think nobody is watching, because someone always sees what you do. And this person is you.

We are all watchers, actors, directors and producers.

The opinion and behavior we choose for ourselves is the casting of our lives..

when you feel deeply in love with life, you realize in this state of consciousness that

all life form is special and that the all is only one.


Take a moment… next time you see a worm or a snail, carry it like you’ve been carried and put him in the grass, in a safe place.

This will give you a deep connection with that worm and a powerful one with all the universe.


It’s all about connection and contribution.

We think this life gig is way more complicated than it is.

The conscious creator si the next level of human development.

This is our brain software. Our new OS system update.

Being in the being rather than in the having or in the trying.

Aren’t we  called human being and not human trying  ?…Sometimes… to be…connected.

Have you already observed in restaurant, some couples staring at their so smart phone, instead of sharing a conversation?

This is what is robbing people from being : Texting


Stop texting, it’s dangerous !especially on the road,

“LOL ” is suddenly not so funny.

It is more lethal than drinking, because you could even kill a worm and …his a child of earth !

Yes we all come from the same place. We are flowed by the same substance composed in the exact same proportion of water as mother earth.

We laugh when she laughs ,

We cry when she cries.

Like tiny blue water drops appearing in a brief moment separated, as the wave splashes , rising us up in the air the water drops we are, contemplating our beauty in the endless mirror of possibilities,

till we fall back down, in the ocean of life and reunite.


It’s good to finally meet you again!

I don’t about you….

But I have a rendez vous with myself to celebrate life and every day as if I was born again.

Even if you do know why you swam so fast, even if you do know what you are here to express,

something is sure,

we all have potential we are unaware of , and we usually don’t know how it will be expressed.

But your birth is a proof that your life is precious and that we do need you.

When you think for this for a while, only this thought has the power to make you feel ” worm “.



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