Questions to ask


. What is my intention today ?

. What can I do right away that adds value to my system ?

. What is missing ?

. What do you feel is missing ?

. What do you want next ?

. What do you need next ?

. Who can help you

. Who do you know that has the skills you need ?

. Why wouldn’t they help you ?

. What is preventing you from calling them ?

. Why do you think you are not passionate enough ?

. Is what you are doing flowing or do you feel tension, resistance or being stuck ?

. Where do you feel you are being stuck?

. Where does it show up in your body and in your business ?

. What are you going to do about that ?

. When will you take action for that ?

. How urgent is this ?

. What is the degree of your urgency ?

. Are you committed ?

. What is the degree of your commitment ?

. How can I group, package and design questions to create a powerful breakthrough ?


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