Make a good impression at work.

What your colleagues think about you is important. Cultivating healthy, nurtured working relationships could be the difference between liking and loving your job.

The better you get along with your colleagues, the more you'll enjoy working with them. Harboring animosity towards a colleague without communicating it to them can cause unnecessary stress.

Let's take a look at 15 ways you can create great working relationships.

5 Mindful Tools to Helping You Develop Working Relationships

Being aware of others in your workspace is important. Let's take a look at five easy ways you can do this:

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Trust: trusting and being trustworthy is vital to a good working relationship. Mindtools explains that forming a bond of trust with your colleagues can help you to communicate and work with them more effectively. 

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Respect: when you develop respect for your colleagues, you value their input in team tasks and listen to what they have to say. It can help you to feel more comfortable about working together with them, too.

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Mindfulness: being aware of your actions and words will enable you to remain optimistic and have a positive impact on your colleagues. Without this, you could let negative emotions get in the way and affect them instead.

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Diversity: when you've got good relationships with your colleagues, you're more likely to be welcoming and embracing of differences. Taking the time to consider opinions different to yours could make your job easier, especially if they have a helpful suggestion. 

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Open Communication: it's inevitable that if you work with others, you'll have to communicate with them. Whether it's through talking or an email, open communication is essential to maintaining good working relationships.

5 Proactive Steps to Fostering Working Relationships

It's good to step out of your comfort zone and be the one to bridge any gaps you may have in your working relationships. Let's look at how to do that:

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Be Honest: Belen Chacon of Work It Daily believes that being honest is the key to good working relationships. Like any other relationship in your life, if you strive to be upfront and honest with that person, you'll show them that the relationship is important to you.  

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Be Likeable: sometimes people take a while to open up. Instead of shutting down a potentially good relationship early, maintain a likeability about you that will encourage your colleague to continue to open up.

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Observation: taking your company's culture and social traditions into account can help you to gel better with your colleagues. Whether it's bringing in breakfast bagels or organizing the monthly dinner out, get to know your company's way of connecting colleagues.  

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Common Interests: when you're working on friendship, you'll naturally seek to find interests and characteristics that you have in common. The same goes for your work colleagues.

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Aiming Higher or Lower: while you might only be comfortable approaching colleagues on the same level as you, there's nothing to say you can't build good relationships with people who outrank you or those that sit below you.  

5 Practical Tips to Growing Working Relationships

Being pragmatic about the way you approach working relationships will help you to nurture a better working environment overall:

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Effective Listening: Liggy Webb of Training Mag says that taking the time to listen to someone else at work can do wonders for their self-esteem, and make them feel like a valued member of the company.


Give your Time: we work in a world where time is money for many people. Giving someone the gift of your time helps them to see that you value them as a person, along with valuing their role at work.  


Feedback: learning to give and take feedback tactfully will help you to look after your working relationships. While it's important to learn how to be constructive with the input you give, it's as vital to be able to receive other people's, too.

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Empathy: people remember how you made them feel. The corporate world can often be relentless and unforgiving. Stand out and be remembered for the person who makes people feel good.  

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Manage Technology: while practically everyone has a phone these days, it's ok to put it down sometimes. Learn to put your phone away and actively engage with your work colleague so that they feel valued.

Make Your Working Relationships Meaningful


Your work relationships are important.

Cultivating a warm, welcoming environment at work where interactions with colleagues are positive is essential. This will benefit the overall production of your company, and improve working conditions, too.

Continually working on relationships in life is a good thing to do. The same approach can be translated over to work colleagues. Without this effort, you might not find yourself enjoying work as much.

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