Your Brand is Your Stand !

Today, I want to share  successful business strategies used in the media and publicity world to draw attention fast ….and keep it !

If there is some chemistry with your reading, I know this will translate into great value by implementing this knowledge right away.

Also to make this easier for you to integrate, and save your valuable time, I have broken up these powerful media and politic type strategies, to retain attention and grow business, into small parts. If you like the information, please share it around, thank you.

Most people and business fly blind in the business world….and try hard to spell out their message without being aware of the many moving parts operating behind the curtain.

It is all media now ! Our minds have been so much condition by sound bytes,  head lines, 60 s treatment, that our minds are completely  conditioned…and brain washed in a certain fashion. The stakes have never been so high than before and the time to share so brief.

With the internet, we have more potential customer, but also more potential competitors, than ever before in the history of humanity.

That’s the dual dynamic in which we must act !

Even if you are not an entrepreneur, you need to get promoted or sell an idea as an employee, to be visible, rise and shine  …and this is on our business Agenda .

It is a pleasure to be your guide and super concierge today in the arena of Getting your word, image and brand stand out in this loud crowded world we live in.

In this strategy series, you will get the answers to :

1. How to survive in this Darwinian time of communication

2. How to make more money

3. How you are evaluated today

4. What is the biggest problem that people have today

5. What is the business definition of a business today?

6. What is the Art of Communication

7. Here is one specific strategy that media people use to grab our attention

8. 3 powerful questions to build your USP ( Unique Selling Proposition )

9. How to track results of your social campaign

10. How to increase your energy level


1. How do we survive in this Darwinian Communication time

> By sharing your selling proposition in front of a hungry market at the right time, when people are open to absorb information

For instance, a radio message in Los Angeles, where people commute by car, is way more powerful than in New York, where people commute by train.

> By articulating your selling proposition fluently

There are 2 types of people
People who can articulate their selling proposition and people who can’t ( …or don’t know how…and I will show you how )
“Survives” will be people who can articulate their selling proposition correctly

> By showing up how you serve in the world and Be come successful at this

> By Being the change you want to see

2. So how do we earn more money ?

> By adding more value

Most folks have a hard time articulating their value and their USP. Here’s how it should translate …

People need to differentiate are they will dye  !

A USP is a singular signature in the market place. This must be your YUSP ( Your Unique Selling Proposition ) because your story factors in the equation of your business success.

3. How are we evaluated today ?

> By what we do
> By how we look
> By what we say
> By how we say it

Today performance review is every 3 month, not every year like before. So if you thought that you were safe in corporate America and wanted to hide out, wait for retirement plan and leave with a golden watch, this is not going to happen any-more. Those days are gone and belong to history !

Everybody is evaluated to day by your website, your image, and the way you show up….and the video is probably the easiest and fastest
way to full-fill at once the 4 ways we are evaluated.

> You must be the star in your own movie . The video has to be about you!

Not every USP can be expressed in a sound bytes, but in today’s world, you have to speak the language of impact, that is done with short memos. People will only read long stories if you have catchy short memos first with powerful headlines.

Here is a secret : Grab them fast and keep them long !

4. Our Biggest Problem

In fact, we all have 2 kinds of problems today.

> Problems you have and problems you don’t ! ( simple :-)) That means …
> Either you need help to solve a problem, either you can help someone

>> We are all in the problem distribution business.

For instance, On TV, you will see that the media masters are giving you problems all day long, to keep you hooked up and emotionally involved. ( Most people watch TV to relax …and get some different emotions than those experienced in the “real Life ” )

As a business person, you want your customers emotions juices to flow …and you want to do it fast !

<<< Feng Shui Visual Branding Identity is a one powerful key to tap into this emotional aspect in no time. I will share this later >>>


The media background strategies and tactics contain the essentials that business must learn and master today. This is my business agenda.

5. What is the business definition of a business today?

> someone who solves problems !

Here is a powerful question to meditate on

What’s the problem you are the answer to ? you must answer in a precise and concise way…this will translate into dollars immediately !

> Articulate people’s problems in a way that they haven’t articulated yet.

> Sell the problem first. Once you do that, the money flows because people will always listen to someone who will translate their problem in a clear and powerful way.

> Be a problem solver !

if you are not earning enough money, it’s that you are not solving enough problems ! That’s all.
Solve more problem. But you can only solve more problems if you can articulate them properly….and you can only do that if you know what you are talking about.

6. What is the art of communication?

Sharing your value in a clear and concise way but….

…you must first know what it is !

A communication master is someone sharing rich value that makes him a unique expert with a heart !

The simplest way to be an effective communicator and get people’s attention fast, is to have a balance between you head and your heart.
Your power has a communicator is the balance between your humanity and your expertise!

In politics, the ones who get and stay usually to the highest office have a real good blend. Many people don’t like them, but admit that some are really great to feel your pain and have this balance.

People are always bothered by the state of the economy,…this is a very fast economy where you can see how many problems are identified.
This is an increasing opportunity to help people solve those problems and see your business grow. Even for an employee, you better be adding value, doing more than the call of duty and doing something in-expected !

7. Here is one specific strategy that media people use to grab our attention

> Sell the problem before you sell the solution
> one biggest mistakes in the entrepreneur world is that people get so excited to sell the solution that they properly fail to solve the problem first
If you have effectively solved the problem first, the solution falls right off like a ripe fruit off a tree

8. Here are 3 powerful questions

Questions that you need to answer in order to generate at least a first part of a USP

1. What is the problem that you are the answer to ? ( or what problem are you solving )
2. Who has that problem ?
3. What is the cost of not doing what you say ?

Any entrepreneur has got to have a very fluent and compelling answer to these questions.

For example,

1. Most people are really great at doing their business but have big problems promoting it and finding the time to do so.

> I solve that by promoting them in an outstanding way ! by making them look really great and save their precious time, I allow them to do what they do best and concentrate on revenue generating activities. It is as simple as that !

You know that you have the good answers to these questions when you answers are pretty short.

2. Most small business, employees…. and people still looking for a job instead of be>coming an entrepreneur

3. Being a great artist at your business and poor promoter will drive you to no where land. Believe me, I come from there, it sucks!

What usually happens to people when they communicate their values in a poor fashion :

>They blow it when expressing themselves
>They loose tremendous opportunities
> Lousy sales
> No more deals
> Not the carrier or dream that they had in mine

Benefit of doing it right :

> No More Just Over Paid ! Don’t we call that JOB
> No more Just Obey Boss ! Don’t we call that the same thing
> Feel good stepping into your power
> Working at your time space
> Pursuing your dreams

These 3 questions have to be answered all the time, market by market, person by person .
The benefits of doing so are the kind of clarity that allows you to go after the big contracts. So Good or great ?

The essence here is the short memo that is the mix of your USP and your heart story.

I hope that this has been helpful to you guys. Please share this post to your network and community . We all need this info !

Thanks and make this day the best of your life !

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